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Melissa has developed the ReStoried Support Groups content from a Christ-centered theological framework and clinically informed perspective, giving careful consideration to the varieties of backgrounds represented in the groups. Instruction and group discussion seek to honor the dignity of participants as embodied souls in need of a whole-person approach to care.


Shining a light on Adult Clergy Abuse. We provide info & resources to those affected by clergy sexual misconduct (CSM) & ministries desiring to be a safe place.

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FaithTrust Institute provides multifaith and religion-specific intervention and prevention training, consulting, and educational materials for national, state, and community faith-based and secular organizations in the following areas:

  • Domestic and Sexual Violence

  • Healthy Teen Relationships, Preventing Teen Dating Violence

  • Child Abuse, Children and Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence

  • Healthy Boundaries for Clergy and Spiritual Teachers, Responding to Clergy Misconduct

  • Trafficking of Persons

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We are a group of women who have experienced sexual abuse at the hands of someone who had both a fiduciary duty to care for us and who held spiritual authority over our lives. Many of us have suffered secondary abuse in the form of being silenced by the institution that was supposed to protect us and/or were blamed for our abuse.

However, here at Restored Voices Collective, we have found hope. Join us and experience restoration as you connect with other survivors, learn to understand your story in the context of adult clergy sexual abuse, and reclaim your voice.

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Offers hope and healing to victims of domestic abuse through education and mentoring. Helping survivors, friends and family, churches, counselors and people helpers. Hotline for assistance.

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Serving individuals, couples, and families as well as providing seminars and workshops for local churches and organizations. Fieldstone exists and desires to help all come to know Jesus Christ and grow in their personal faith.


American Bible Society's Bible-based Trauma Healing program helps people explore their heart wounds and heal from the pain of trauma. This effective ministry approach uses the book, “Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help,” and is facilitated by trained facilitators in a small group setting. 


Support, hope and healing for victims of clergy sexual abuse. A comprehensive ministry addressing who victims are, how churches can help prevent and identify abuse and addresses many questions.

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Godly Response to Abuse in the Church Environment believes with proper education, training churches and ministry organizations can become the safest communities for the vulnerable and the most welcoming and loving for those who have been impacted by abuse.  We pray for a day when the hurting run towards the church for refuge and healing.  Jesus calls each of us to be a part of making that happen.


The Voices of Survivors Project is a platform for survivors of human sex trafficking or other forms of violence to express their lived experiences as survivors through photography. Seven women participated in this Photovoice study, six providing eligible photos. The Voices of Survivors Project became a transportable exhibit, accompanying photo book, and social media, the fruit of their feedback and their willingness to share their experiences through these photographs.

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Reducing Violence Against Women by Addressing the Hearts of Men. PeaceWorks' primary focus is to educate the Church in domestic abuse prevention and intervention. Offers a podcast, training resources and conferences.

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