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Transcript of Safe to Hope Podcast: Season 1: Episode 5

Adult Clergy Sexual Abuse - STORY

Ann Maree:  Hello and welcome to the Safe to Hope podcast. My name is Ann Maree and I'm the executive director for HelpHer and the host of this podcast. On the Safe to Hope: Hope Renewed in Light of Eternity podcast, we help women tell their story with an eye for God's redemptive purposes. All suffering is loss, but God leaves nothing unused in His plans. We want to help women see His redemptive thread throughout their circumstances, and then look for opportunities to join with God in His transformational work.

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Previously, Tamra (an advocate and survivor) shared her story of adult clergy sexual abuse. After she shared her story, she helpfully articulated some of the characteristics of clergy sexual abuse and how it might also be called clergy-perpetrated sexual abuse of adults, clergy abuse, pastoral abuse, or clergy sexual misconduct. 

Ann Maree: Tamra, thank you for returning to the Safe to Hope Podcast for another episode. 

Tamra: Thank you for having me.

Ann Maree: On the Safe to Hope podcast, names have been changed in order to protect those associated with these stories. The HelpHer ministry exists to help people in crisis and to train people-helpers, so integrity is one of our concerns. To the best of our ability we have sought to honor the privacy and dignity of those who share their precious stories with us.

I’d like to remind the audience listening at home there may be some things discussed that can be triggering. If you’re a victim or survivor we want to just let you know Tamra’s story might be hard to hear. Maybe find a trusted friend to sit with, or someone you can talk to and process after you’ve heard her experience.  

Today, we’re going to look at God’s redemptive thread throughout Tamra’s circumstances. She certainly didn’t see God’s plans while she was living through the abuse. But today we can look back — perhaps even reframe her story in His Story — and see how she learned more about God’s care for the oppressed through her difficult experience.