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HH Institute

A unique Help[H]er initiative for those who desire to be better equipped to care for women in crisis in the local church.

In order to facilitate Student Lounge interaction in a private environment, you will be directed to create a free site membership to enroll. Please feel free to reach out with concerns or questions to

Feb 1, 2024 - Apr 18, 2024

Theology of Story

Course Description

The Theology of Story course, created and developed by Melissa Affolter and Ann Maree Goudzwaard, focuses on the biblical significance, background, and importance of Story in the context of abuse. This course is designed for victims, survivors, and individuals who want to become better people-helpers. This unique, in-depth program understands this difficult subject matter so a trauma-informed approach is carefully utilized and taught. Our Stories are not isolated incidents to be shelved, but rather our histories to be remembered and stewarded.



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Helping the Church Respond Well to Women in Crisis

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