The story of Help[H]er began when we asked the question, “How can we help pastors and church leaders shepherd women well?” The answer was to help the local church build a team of competent, seasoned women who would come alongside their pastors to help women in crisis. 

At the core of our mission is the desire to assist the local church

as they navigate how to carefully shepherd women. 

The idea of men and women caregiving partnerships in the local church grew our Help[H]er vision. Not every church has the resources to develop a Help[H]er ministry. At the same time,

leaders find themselves swimming in complicated issues. 

Help[H]er is a 501C3 that offers training, resources, and a directory of caregivers. Whether the church goals include structuring their own Help[H]er ministry, providing rich materials tailored to supplement one another care, or meeting more immediate caregiving needs; our resources help pastors and leaders

further their shepherding ministry to women experiencing crisis.